Music and Art & Creativity Half-day Camps


At My Kids Club Learning Center, we provide unique and fun learning opportunities for children ages 3 and up and parents. Our half-day camps engage and motivate young children to try new things, as well as develop their skills and interests in music and creative arts. We teach real skills and techniques in fun and imaginative ways, and we strongly believe that music and the arts provide positive opportunities for individual expression. Join our experienced music and art teachers for a magical day of exploration and creation!

Music Half-day Camp

Monday and/or Wednesday, 9:00 – 11:30am

Students ages 3-6 years have extended time singing, playing musical instruments. The very low teacher/child ratio allows each child to work closely with our teachers in their areas of interest, as well as have the space to try new things in our encouraging environment. Children learn singing, beginning note-reading and writing and exploring written symbols in music, which allows them to
write their own rhythms and melodies. Improvisation, storytelling, movement activities, and recording are woven into the day.

Art & Creativity Half-day Cap

Tuesday and/or Thursday, 9:00 – 11:130am

Each art class will lead your child into a new project in which he or she can express themselves creatively. We incorporate children’s books for a story time or slide show featuring famous weekly artist. Kids will create a piece based on the artist’s work of the week. We work with any artistic environment that you can imagine and is suitable for children: watercolors, clay, metal, stone, wood, bricks, acrylic, pastel, parchment, brilliance and much more! This is not a fine art class. Our goal is to carefully guide your child through a specific art project so that they can experience new artistic environments and express themselves in a way that matters to them.

Please bring water and snacks for your child as this will be a shared social component of our time together.


Children ages 3 and up and their caregiver


Register online at, email us at or call 941-226-0434
to sign up.


$120 for 1 day a week, 4 weeks
$200 for 2 days a week, 4 weeks
Free make-ups allowed only if you call ahead
$35 Single session