Our Founder & Our Values

When looking to register her seven-year-old children for after school educational and art programs, our founder noticed that there were very few options available in the area. As a teacher and a mother, she was able to recognize how much Math and Art programs were needed for the children in early age. Soon, My Kids Club was born. With a PhD in Math and 18 years of teaching experience, the founder has an extensive background in education and interest in making math more engaging and fun. Helping her children with schoolwork, she saw that mental mathematics is extremely beneficial as it makes the math learning experience super easy. Moreover, working on an art project that children love, develop children’s creative problem-solving skills and connect them with their own culture as well as with the wider world.

At My Kids Club, our ultimate goal is to help your child have fun in an educational way. By personalizing activities that focus on what he or she is already learning in the school curriculum, the knowledge on the subject matter strengthens while building up important critical thinking and social skills.

Email us at MyKidsClubUS@gmail.com to learn more about our values and us!