“WE’RE BORED—THERE’S NOTHING TO DO!” When chilly temps mean more time spent indoors, that complaint might sound familiar. Check out these brain-boosting, boredom-busting activities from Nat Geo Family—then check out a few more.


Do some dog science


People have dominant hands, so why wouldn’t dogs? (Dominant paws, that is!) Have kids try this simple experiment with the family fur ball. They’ll discover its paw preference and build observation skills. 


Make a movie


Creating stop-motion films isn’t as complicated as you think. With a little patience, creativity—and a lot of clay—your kids can become moviemakers. You might even be inspired to host a red-carpet screening!


Craft a plane


Reach for the stars—or the other side of the room—with paper airplanes. 

Create a lava lamp


With materials you probably have in the house, kids can make lava lamps. Then get the science behind the creation with this episode from the series How Things Work, starring YouTube teen star Kamri Noel.


Cook a treat

Cooking teaches kids about measuring and following directions, plus it might even encourage picky eaters to try new foods. This boredom-busting recipe for pears poached with cranberry juice will warm up the family on a chilly night.