What are the benefits of Mental math training?

The soroban is hands down the best math manipulative ever invented. It is the most effective and efficient method for teaching early math learners our base 10 system, basic numeracy and number sense, all arithmetic operations, and a comprehensive approach to mental calculation. As a result of using the soroban there are many other student benefits such as increased math confidence, speed and accuracy of math calculations, the ability to concentrate for longer time periods, the ability to visualize calculations leading to amazing mental calculation skills. But most importantly and the biggest benefit is that abacus math training will produce the indepth foundation and understanding of math skills needs for academic success with higher level mathematics.

What is the abacus method?

The abacus math training method is to use the abacus or soroban to teach students all the early math education skills from number recognition to advance arithmetic calculations. Students are taught how to move the abacus beads to represent numbers and how to manipulate numbers throughout any math calculation. Because students are using a physical abacus, as they gain skill in moving the beads their sense of touch and sight produce very strong mental images of numbers and how the numbers change throughout the calculation. In abacus math training students are trained in several different formats that involve a multi-sensory approach to learning using sight, sound, and touch to stimulate brain development and deepen their learning. As students work with the abacus their ability to visualize the movements becomes so strong that over time they become less and less reliant on the physical abacus. Eventually they no longer need the abacus and can perform all operations through mental calculation.