My Kids Club Learning Center

Learning Today… Leading Tomorrow…



Inside your child lies an unrealized learning ability. The mission of My Kids Club is to unleash this potential and creativity.

My Kids Club Learning Center offers Mental Math, Music, and Art & Creativity enrichment classes for children ages 3 and up.

By providing young minds with the opportunity to develop and improve their creativity, mental calculation and problem-solving skills, we hope to take part in the success of the new generation as well as the future of our world.

Our aim is to motivate beyond the ordinary and unleash the extraordinary!



We love My kids club place. They have math, art and just started music classes as well. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable. It is the perfect place to drop off your kids for few hours while running some errands. At the same time, you can have a piece of mind that your kids will be in very good hands and will learn some new revolutionary math skills and have some fun with the art and music classes! Thank you, Miss Mariya!

I am so excited to send my 3rd grader and Kindergartener to this program!! Mariya has such a way of engaging with the kids, so they feel like they are having fun. Thank you Mariya!!!

Amazing and fun place for the kids to learn. Such caring and engaging staff. Highly recommend.

Mental math has been popular for a while in Asia and Europe, and I was thrilled to finally see it on US land. It’s been proven that it boosts learning capabilities and makes the brain sharper. Miss Maria makes learning math fun and engaging, and kids love it.